1 Product related questions
1.1 What Colours are available for the Sammitr SMM Steel Canopy?

We have a full colour coded range that matches the double cab vehicle types. Further information is available within the product range overview for each available model on www.steelcanopies.eu.

1.2 How much roof weight can the Sammitr Steel Canopy carry?

The Sammitr Steel Canopy roof rails have a static load rating of 100kg. Custom roof rack options provide for extra loading, however it is important to check that your vehicle specific load rating is within the manufacturers overall vehicle loading.

1.3 Does the Sammitr Steel Canopy have central locking?

Yes, all of our Steel Canopy models have central locking, with the exception of our Fleet Tradesman units.

1.4 What type of glass is used for the windows in a Sammitr Steel Canopy?

The type of glass utilised in our range of Steel Canopies is “Toughened and Tinted Automotive Safety Glass”.

1.5 What type of Steel is the Sammitr Canopy made from?

The same steel that is typically used in vehicle manufacture.

1.6 Is the Sammitr Steel Canopy dust proof?

The canopy is designed to provide a good seal against dust ingress especially when an SMM tub liner is installed.

1.7 Is the Sammitr Steel Canopy Waterproof?

The SMM Canopy is designed to provide a good seal against water ingress, under normal driving and weather conditions.

1.8 Where is the Sammitr Canopy manufactured?

The Sammitr Steel Canopy is manufactured at the Sammitr Head Office Manufacturing plant located in Thailand.

1.9 Does the Sammitr Steel Canopy have an internal light?


1.10 Can I order a tradesman model canopy with a glass lift side option?

Yes, this Tradesman model comes with standard steel lift sides however you can specify glass lift or slide window options.

1.11 Can I repaint the Sammitr SMM Steel Canopy?

It is possible but not recommended as this process will void your SMM Canopy Manufacturer’s warranty. SMM Steel canopies can also be ordered unpainted (primer version).

1.12 Do I need to Maintain my Sammitr SMM Steel Canopy?

Yes, Sammitr recommends regular maintenance of your canopy at your Authorised Reseller where you purchased your SMM product. Check the Instructions for Care and Maintenance of SMM Steel Canopy products document for service intervals and detailed maintenance instructions.

At a minimum, wash your vehicle and canopy on a regular basis to remove dirt and grime (do not use high pressure washers too near to paint or seals) and check canopy clamps and bolts to ensure they are secure.

1.13 Can I install the SMM Canopy myself?

Only Authorised SMM Resellers can fit the Sammitr Steel Canopy. Instruction videos and manuals are available upon request. Self-installation might lead to loss of Warranty.

1.14 Does the SMM Canopy come with electronic birdwing windows?

This is not a standard feature but it can be ordered at additional cost on all of our models (V2, V4 and TL1).

2 Warranty related questions
2.1 How long is the Warranty on a Sammitr Canopy?

Every canopy comes with*:

  • 3 YR Warranty on Canopy Structure.
  • 2 YR Warranty on Paint with EDP Coating.
  • 1 YR Warranty on Paint without EDP and,
  • 1 YR On Parts

* Conditions apply. Please refer to the Sammitr Product Warranty document for further details.

2.2 I think I have a problem with my SMM Steel Canopy.

Please contact the Authorised Reseller that sold you the SMM Product for an initial assessment of the problem. If it is a manufacturing defect and the product is within the warranty period, the Product owner and Dealer can submit a Warranty Claim application form.

3 Delivery and shipping
3.1 How long does it take before I can receive my SMM Steel Canopy?

If we have your Canopy on stock in our warehouse in the Rotterdam area of The Netherlands, your product can be sent out the same day to any destination in Europe.

If an item is not on stock, it will be made to order in our factory in Thailand. Generally, it takes a maximum of 90 days for your order to arrive. Please contact our sales department to inform about actual lead times since they can be shorter than the indicated 90 days. 

3.2 How do I arrange transport?

Transport of SMM canopies can be arranged by SMM Europe or by yourself. Please contact our sales department if you have any specific requirements concerning transportation or see https://www.steelcanopies.eu/service/shipping-returns/.

3.3 What does transport cost?

Upon request, we can send you a quote for transportation of SMM Steel canopies or you can arrange pick up or transportation from our warehouse yourself.

Spareparts with a maximum of 30 kg will be sent through DHL within Europe, DHL rates apply and will be charged with an additional standard handling fee of €7 per transport. 

3.4 What are the weights and dimensions of my SMM Steel canopy?

Average weight of each canopy is 100 kg net weight, 115 kg gross weight, depending on the model (Extra Cab/Double Cab).

Average dimension of each canopy is:

With: 1.800 meters

Length: 0.680 meters

Height: 1.750 meter

All canopies are strapped to a customized wooden pallet, upon request, extra protection can be added. 

Canopies can be stored and transported in an upright position, we do not recommend canopies to be stored flat, nor should any other items be stacked onto the boxes since it can cause tortion to the product and loss of warranty.

3.5 What is the HS code for my SMM product?

The HS code for canopies as well as spare parts is: 

3.6 How long does it take for my spare parts to arrive?

If we have your order on stock, spare parts can be sent to you to any destination in Europe the same day. SMM uses DHL for all our spareparts orders, if you prefer a different option (pick up or other company), please contact our sales department.

3.7 Do you have canopies and spareparts on stock?

Yes, we maintain a large stock of spare parts and an average of 150 canopies within a warehouse in the Rotterdam area of The Netherlands. Pick up from our warehouse can be arranged. 

Because we offer a wide range of products, we do not have each color and model on stock. These will be made to order. 

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